LI Baoxun

1983: Born in LiaoNing
The Dept. of Print
Bachelor Degree
2013-2016: LUXUN ACADEMY OF FINE ARTS, Waterborne Material Studio,
Contemporary Watercolor Study
Master of Arts
Teaching at Kede College of Capital Normal University Lecturer
Member of China Artists Association
Member of LiaoNing Artists Association
Member of LiaoNing Youth Artists Association

I am accustomed to discovering objects and feelings from the present reality, from large to small, to complete the redemption of “self” on different sides.


Baoxun LI often stares at his surroundings with a “spectator” attitude. He handles everything calmly and effectively. He also looks at the society in daily life with timeless methods to solidify the role of time in painting objects.

His work in recent years is habitually divided into three parts. The first one is the relatively early character series (2012-2014), which focuses on the living conditions of modern people. Another one is scene painting (2016-2017). The size of the work is larger and the messy sense would guide the audience to imagine what has happened before. This post-narrative hints the truth covered by the image and is full of ritual. The third part is of some objects that are not easy to be concerned with (2015-2018). The main objects are seemingly inanimate objects, as if they are frozen in space and time, but they have inexplicable gravitational attraction.


LI Baoxun - Stare 5
Watercolor on paper 16.5 x 29.5 cm (2020)

If the object is based on painting and becomes a hint of narrative support, it goes beyond physicality to some extent. The artist will create a necessary story through the control of the color, the prudent composition, and the changeable shape. Then the object has become an excuse.

Moreover, it often appears that there is not much connection between different series of works, nor how tight the logic is. But it reflects the culture significance formed by extensive exploration and thinking under the constant trial and point-like thinking phenomena.

Baoxun LI’s paintings do not have much bright colors. On the contrary, the screen is gray and avoiding the sun, with a slightly rough brushstroke, a bland and unconventional theme, showing a cool and dark sense. It is difficult to be shocked, but the hidden intentions behind his works refer to the reality which are like tragedies and can’t be ignored. Baoxun LI’s path of thinking provides clues for his paintings.

He mentioned Ludwig Josef Johann Wittgenstein’s “Aesthetics of Daily Life” and shifted his attention to some social groups and the re-recognition of human socialization. He hopes to find the deep structure of remanufacturing of his paintings through various practices of painting, which is used here as a phenomenon and related activities. Obviously, his methodology also uses structuralism, which is very fashionable, as if the methods of Ferdinand de Saussure, Roland Barthes, etc. were universally used. Indeed, in the application of painting, those visible objects, scenes, and people have no meaning for themselves. Their meaning is determined by the relationship between certain subjective factors in the setting situation.

LI Baoxun - En attendant le vacarme

Baoxun LI is an artist who doesn’t want to meet and please. He has been paying attention to all kinds of problems. In his widely drawn and unexpected works, the images reveal gloomy, indifferent and seemingly careless. In the face of melancholy, helplessness, and uneasy predicament, people find vaguely lonely, helpless, and hidden struggles, and thus are full of power in the internal examination of image transmission. He shows some insights through the seemingly unintentional expressions of the works, using the title to clarify the path between the viewer and the painting.

Yongjin CHEN at Wuhan Painting Academy
June 2018

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2011 - 2020

    Déséquilibre – Maison de la culture – Diekirch, Luxembourg

    Between Silence and Saying – Author Gallery – Beijing, China

    OBJECT LAN SPACE – Beijing, China

    Ended By Order – United Art Museum – Wuhan, China

    Look Over Here – Luxun Academy Of Fine Arts – Shenyang, China

    Bystander – Xun Art Gallery Beijing, China

    The Doubt Shadow – ON Gallery – Beijing, China

    Come In – Author Gallery – Beijing, China

    Li BaoXun Solo Exhibition – Dock Sud Gallery – France

    Overcast to Clear Sky – Thread Gallery 798 – Beijing, China

    2019 迎面的车灯太亮,刺痛了我的双眼 衣恋画廊 上海,北京

    2018 在沉默和言语之间 作者画廊 北京,中国

    2017 物系体 兰空间 北京,中国

    2016 止于秩序——李宝荀绘画作品展 合美术馆 武汉,中国

    2015 观之——李宝荀绘画作品个展 鲁迅美术学院 沈阳,中国

    2015 旁观者——李宝荀个人纸本作品展 子桐画廊 北京,中国

    2015 疑惑的影子——李宝荀个展 ON画廊 北京,中国

    2014 请进——李宝荀纸上个人作品展 作者画廊 北京 ,中国

    2013 李宝荀个展 Dock Sud 画廊 法国

    2011 阴转晴——李宝荀个展 思莱德画廊 798 北京,中国

Group Exhibitions

  • 2018 - 2020

    DÉCALAGE HOUAIRE- Contemporary Young Artists Work
    Barbizon Government France Barbizon, France
    The 9th Nine-City United Young Artists Art Exhibition
    Luxun Academy Of Fine Arts Shenyang,China
    Art Beijing China Agricultural Exhibition Center Beijing, China
    Paris Art Fair Grand Palais Paris, France
    Turning Point – 40 Years of Chinese Contemporary Art, Long Museum West Bund, Shanghai
    Songzhuang Contemporary Prints Exhibition, Songzhuang Art Gallery, Beijing
    Soushenji Contemporary Art Market, Mountain and Sea Museum, Beijing
    Minjiang – Imagination about Water, SEEWELL Art Centre, Fuzhou
    New Historical Drama, Tang Contemporary Art, Beijing
    All Things Grow, FuYan Commune, Beijing

    水和光的魔力-彩虹中的七色 物舍空间 深圳,中国
    ASIA SHOT Le réservoir 塞特,法国 国制造-当代青年艺术展 布加勒斯特奥斯卡-茂奇宫 罗马尼亚
    偏离的奇遇-王永学/李宝荀双个展 悦美术馆 北京,中国
    艺术厦门 厦门,中国
    青年艺术+优秀作品海外巡展 首尔中国文化中心 首尔,韩国
    艺术北京 中国农业展览馆 北京,中国
    聚绘 一席空间 武汉,中国

    青年艺术+ 优秀作品海外巡展 斯德哥尔摩中国文化中心 斯德哥尔摩,瑞典
    光州艺术节 光州, 韩国
    镜城 陌斗艺术空间 北京,中国
    鲁迅美术学院80年华诞校史及艺术作品展 鲁迅美术学院美术馆 沈阳,中国
    以水彩的名义 佶道艺术中心 北京,中国
    时差——青年艺术+ 当代青年作品展 法国巴比松市政府 巴比松,法国
    第九届全国九城青年艺术家邀请展 鲁迅美术学院美术馆 沈阳,中国
    艺术北京 中国农业展览馆 北京,中国
    巴黎艺术博览会 巴黎大皇宫 巴黎,法国

  • 2017

    From one end of the world to the other 24B Gallery Paris, France
    YOUTH NARRATIVE Contemporary Art By Young Artists of China
    Metropolitan Museum Curitiba, Brazil
    The 3rd National Youth Watercolor Exhibition Shandong Art Museum Jinan, China
    XI’AN Invitation Exhibition of Watercolors & Pastels
    Works created during France residing La Non-Maison, France Provence, France
    Affective Space Author Gallery Beijing, China
    Paris Art Fair Grand Palais Paris, France
    CULTURED SPACES Lan Space Beijing, China

    从世界的一端到另一端 24B画廊 巴黎,法国
    青春叙事——中国当代青年艺术展 城市艺术博物馆 库里蒂巴,巴西
    第三届全国青年水彩展 山东美术馆 济南,中国
    全国高等艺术院校(西安)水彩·粉画邀请展 西安美术学院 西安,中国
    法国驻留创作 La Non-Maison画廊 普罗旺斯,法国
    情动的空间 作者画廊 北京,中国
    巴黎艺术博览会 巴黎大皇宫 巴黎 ,法国
    通感 兰空间 北京,中国

  • 2016

    Inter-Youth International painting Exhibition
    China Academy of Art Museum Hangzhou, China
    The 11th National Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition Shijiazhuang, China
    St-art Contemporary Art Fair Strasbourg, France
    2016 Annual Luo Zhongli Scholarship Award Exhibition
    Sichuan Fine Arts Institute Museum Chongqing, China
    The Cologne Exhibition Cologne, Germany
    New view point – Chinese Young Artists Exhibition Vietnam
    China Contemporary Luxembourg Grand Park Diekirch Museum Tour Luxembourg, France
    Chu-Plan Yang Artist Exhibition Shanghai Peninsula Art Museum Shanghai, China
    Transience Metro: Scape Shanghai Exhibition Center Shanghai, China
    Art Beijing China Agricultural Exhibition Center Beijing, China
    Li Baoxun & Bai Luyang Paper Art Works Exhibition Jiedao Art Center Beijing, China
    Disorderly Growth Xi Art Space 2016 Spring Salon Exhibition Xi Art Space Wuhan,China
    Remanent Time-Dialogue between Li Baoxun & Yaoxiang Author Gallery Beijing, China
    Visual Views-Young Artists Art Works Exhibition China Cultural Center In Singapore Singapore
    Paris Art Fair Grand Palais Paris, France
    Star Project- Art Promotion of Young Artists Tree Art Museum Beijing, China
    New Power of LAFA Enjoy Art Museum Beijing, China

    Inter-Youth国际青年绘画展 中国美术学院美术馆 杭州,中国
    第十一届全国水彩粉画作品展 石家庄,中国
    St-art当代艺术博览会 斯特拉斯堡, 法国
    2016年度罗中立奖学金获奖作品展 四川美术学院美术馆 重庆,中国
    科隆博览会 科隆,德国
    新视点——中国青年艺术家作品展 越南
    中国当代 卢森堡大公国迪基希市美术馆 卢森堡
    初/计划 上海半岛美术馆 上海,中国
    城市变线 上海展览中心 上海,中国
    艺术北京 中国农业展览馆 北京,中国
    李宝荀、白露洋——纸本双个展 佶道艺术中心 北京,中国
    无序生长一席艺术空间2016年春季沙龙展 一席艺术空间 武汉,湖北
    “剩余的时间”李宝荀 耀象双人展 作者画廊 北京,中国
    图像视点——青年艺术家美术作品展 新加坡中国文化中心 新加坡
    巴黎艺术博览会 巴黎大皇宫 巴黎,法国
    繁星计划——当代青年艺术家展 树美术馆 北京,中国
    鲁美新力量 悦·美术馆 北京,中国

  • 2014 - 2015

    The Cologne Exhibition Cologne, Germany
    Youth Plus. Young Artist Promotion Project
    Museum of Contemporary Art Beijing (MOCA) Beijing, China
    Courage and Freedom. Youth Thinker Art Exhibitions
    Beijing Art Museum of Imperial City Beijing, China
    Artistic Conception Watercolor-Contemporary Watercolor Painting Invitation Exhibition
    The Rhythm Art Museum Shanghai, China
    Extraordinary Colors –A Contemporary Chinese Watercolor Art Invitational Exhibition
    Wu Art Center Beijing, China
    Paris Art Fair Grand Palais Paris, France
    Lille International Art Fair Lille, France
    Unreal Moment – Contemporary Art Exhibition Ruefrancaise Gallery Paris, France

    St-art Contemporary Art Fair Strasbourg, France
    The Cologne Exhibition Cologne, Germany
    The Twelfth National Art Exhibition Comprehensive Material Painting Exhibition
    Hebei Museum Shijiazhuang, China
    Taipei Youth Art Exhibition Taipei,China
    XXL Art Paris and Beijing contemporary art group exhibition ON Gallery Beijing, China
    1964-2014 Fifty Years Mutual Understanding and Friendship of French and Chinese- Fifty Chinese
    Artists Paris Invitational Exhibition Paris, France
    Lille International Art Fai Lille, France
    Paris Art Fair Grand Palais Paris, France
    Re-present, the Post-80s Chinese Artists Bluerider ART Gallery Taipei,China

    科隆博览会 科隆,德国
    青年艺术+推广计划 北京当代美术馆 北京,中国
    青年思想家:勇气与自由 皇城艺术馆 北京,中国
    意·彩——当代学院水彩画邀请展 大韵堂美术馆 上海,中国
    异彩纷呈——中国当代水彩邀请展 5艺术中心 北京,中国
    巴黎艺术博览会 巴黎大皇宫 巴黎 ,法国
    法国里尔国际——艺术博览会 里尔,法国
    不真实的瞬间当代艺术展 ruefrancaise画廊 巴黎,法国

    St-art当代艺术博览会 斯特拉斯堡, 法国
    科隆博览会 科隆,德国
    第十二届全国美术作品展览综合材料绘画展 河北博物院 石家庄,中国
    台北青年艺术博览会 台北,中国
    XXL艺术巴黎与北京当代艺术群展 ON画廊 北京,中国
    1964-2014法中相知相交五十载-五十位中国艺术家作品巴黎邀请展 巴黎,法国
    法国里尔国际艺术博览会 里尔,法国
    巴黎艺术博览会 巴黎大皇宫 巴黎 ,法国
    再.现 中国80后 Bluerider ART gallery 台北,中国

  • 2011 - 2013

    Anti Transgene Tong Contemporary Art Beijing, China
    St-art Contemporary Art Fair Strasbourg, France
    Go On Walking M Gallery 798, Beijing, China
    Beyond Style V/A Space 798, Beijing, China
    International Art Fair of France Lille Lille, France

    Strasbourg Art Fair Strasbourg, France
    Art-Frontier Contemporary Art Exhibition SongZhuang Art Gallery Beijing, China
    International Art Fair of France Lille Lille, France

    Yan Wenliang Art Award, Suzhou Art Museum Annual Exhibition
    Suzhou Art Gallery JiangSu, China
    Strasbourg Contemporary Art International Fair Strasbourg, France
    Contemporary Art New Wave of China Beijing, China and Richmond Ferrie, France
    The Affordable Art Fair SunJin Galleries Singapore
    Art Archives Of the 80’s Generation SongZhuang Art Gallery Beijing, China
    The Fifteenth Shanghai Art Fair Shanghai Mart ShangHai, China
    Duet — Chongqing International Art Exhibition YuAo International Art Center ChongQing, China
    Cuba Asian Art Museum—China Block Printing Exhibition Havana, Cuba

    反转基因 唐人当代艺术中心 北京,中国
    St-art当代艺术博览会 斯特拉斯堡, 法国
    继续穿行 M 画廊 798 北京,中国
    不只是“风格” V/A SPACE 798 北京,中国
    法国里尔国际艺术博览会 里尔,法国

    斯特拉斯堡艺术博览会 斯特拉斯堡,法国
    艺术·前沿——当代艺术邀请展 宋庄美术馆 北京,中国
    法国里尔国际艺术博览会 里尔,法国

    颜文樑艺术奖苏州美术馆年度邀请展 苏州美术馆 江苏,中国
    中国当代艺术新浪潮 蒙得里埃,法国
    the affordable art fair sunjin galleries 新加坡
    80后艺术档案 宋庄美术馆 北京,中国
    (第十五届)上海艺博会 上海世贸商城 上海,中国
    二重奏-重庆国际艺术邀请展 渝澳艺术中心 重庆,中国
    古巴亚洲艺术博物馆——中国版画展 哈瓦那,古巴


Chinese Agriculture Exhibition Center
Suzhou Art Museum
Cuba Asian Art Museum
Art Gallery Of Luxun Academy Of Fine Arts
United Art Museum



The Second Youth Art Exhibition of Liaoning Province
Oil Painting The Disappearance Of The Sight Gold Award
The Second Youth Art Exhibition of Liaoning Province
Pastel Maintain Sobriety in the Numerous World Silver Award

The Twelfth National Art Exhibition -Liaoning Province Painting Exhibition
Pastel Find Themselves in Perplexity Excellent Award

The Fifth Watercolor and Pastel Painting Exhibition of Liaoning Province
Pastel Twins Excellent Award

The 11th National Watercolor and Pastel Exhibition Membership

The 3rd National Youth Watercolor Exhibition Membership

辽宁省第二届青年美展 油画 《视线的消失》 金奖
色粉《纷繁的世界里维系清醒》 银奖

第十二届全国美术作品展——辽宁作品展 优秀奖

辽宁省第五届水彩粉画展 色粉《孪生体》 优秀奖

第十一届全国水彩粉画作品展 入会资格奖

第三届全国青年水彩展 入会资格奖

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