ZHANG Xubo - Artist

2000 Joined in “Art Padova ” Italy.

2001 Joined in “Dialogue-Puzzle” China Contemporary Art Itineration Exhibition ,Young Museum, Mantova, Italy.

2003 Joined in “First Current Art Choice Exhibition” Paris,France.

2004 Joined in “Matchmaking at Suzhou Creek” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Eastlink Gallery,Shanghai,China.

2005 Joined in “8 Faces” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhuqizhan Art Museum ,Shanghai,China.

2006 Joined in “8 Faces” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Duolun Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai,China.

2006 Joined in “New City Vision Creation” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zenda Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai ,China.

2007 Joined in “Shanghai wind” China Contemporary Artworks Exhibition, Pon Gallery, Amsterdam , Netherlands.

2007 Joined in “Spring” The New Contemporary Artworks Festival, Seoul art center, South Korean.

2008 Joined in “2008 Seoul International Contemporary Art Festival” Seoul art center,South Korean.

2009 Joined in “ Gallery Art Fair” Montreux,Swiss.

2010 Joined in “Shanghai Art Fair” Shanghai,China.

2011 Joined in “China Pingyao International Photography Festival ” Shanxi,China.

2011 Joined in “The laws of Coexistence ”Contemporary Art Exhibition, The republic of Korea in Shanghai culture,China.

2011 Joined in “Chinese Art” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Yibo Gallery, Shanghai,China.

2012 Joined in “Asia Galleries Art Fair” Shanghai exhibition center,China.

2012 Joined in “2012 Korean DMZ Art Festival ” South Korea.

2014 Joined in “Chinese Artists Works Exhibition”  Paris,France.

2014 Joined in “Drift-Shanghai Artists Invitational Exhibition”China Art Museum, Shanghai,China.

2015 Joined in “Shanghai Artists Works Exhibition” Songjiang Art Museum, Shanghai,China.

2016 Joined in “Drift-Shanghai Artists Works Exhibition”  China Art Museum,Shanghai,China.

2016 Joined in “FASCINATION CHINOISE”, Diekirch National museum, Luxembourg.

2017 Joined in “New World ” Contemporary Art Exhibition ,Museum of Tongji University, Shanghai,China.

2017 Joined in “Shanghai Freelance Artists Theme Art Exhibition” China Art Museum, Shanghai, China.

2018 ”Asian High-end International Design Exhibition – Design Shanghai” Shanghai Exhibition Center in Shanghai, China

2018 Hong Kong “Affordable Art Fair” Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

2019 Hong Kong “Affordable Art Fair” Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre

2020 “Beside the Field Words – Liantang Local Art Project” Ke·Art Museum, Shanghai, China


Post modernist pop art

1965 Born in Hebei.

Living in Shangai since 2003.

Having lived and worked in Russia and Italy, Xubo Zhang has an international mind and is a good advisor for both Chinese and foreigners.

His artworks come in oil paintings with the feeling of Chinese ink painting and in his artworks, modern times, old days, oriental world and western world, all appear together to show our present mixed situation. —-Rana Choi (Art curator)


ZHANG Xubo - Woman with a Mask

“The arts recently made by Zhang Xubo, have the characteristic of the post modernist pop art, which is related to the past experience of his exhibitions shown in the European countries, such as Italy. In a manner of speaking, His art horizons have crossed the boundaries between the nations and different place. He has become a cultural libertarianism “Knight”… ”—Chen Xiaoxin(Art critic)

Institutional Collection

In 2001, the oil painting “Theatrical Figures” was collected by the Youth Museum of Mandoba, Italy

In 2018, the acrylic work “Traveling” was collected by the CFAM Family Museum in Greece





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