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Art Gallery in Luxembourg


Xun Art Gallery was founded by Ms. Xun Yan in Shanghai in 2011. Xun Art Gallery has also established in Beijing in 2012 and registered in Luxembourg since 2012. In 2013, the gallery joined forces with Jimei University’s Academy of Arts to create the Xiamen Resident Foreign Artists Work Studio.

The gallery serves as a bridge for cultural and art exchanges between China and Europe. It has extensive ties with cultural organizations, foundations, museums and galleries in Europe, and is often invited to participate in the most selective art expositions in Europe. As a leading gallery, XunArt Gallery is dedicated to promoting the works of artists.

Xun Art Gallery aims to discover extraordinary artists whose works reflect their experiences, perceptions, insights and emotions, and exhibit their works on its own premises and at partner institutions throughout the world. The exhibitions provide food for thought and fire up visitors’ imaginations.

Yan Xun
Founder & Curator

YAn Xun

Xun Art Gallery has staged several solo exhibitions in Paris, Luxembourg and Basel; it has also hosted shows of renowned artists from throughout Asia, Europe, NorthAmerica and even island nations in the South Pacific. With a prestigious reputation among art collectors and aficionados, Xun Art Gallery provides a platform for artists to display their works and functions as a bridge for the communication and interaction between artistsand collectors. Xun Art Gallery presents a diversity of art styles to audiences and showcases the intermingling of Eastern and Western art forms and thoughts, allowing more people to experience the ideas and explore the creativity of the artists.

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Grand opening2
Beijing grand opening 2012 1
Grand Opening XIAMEN ART RESIDENCE 9 scaled
ART FAIR 2014 7

QI Yu’s solo art exhibition in Luxembourg
Exposition France-Chine 1964-2014 in Paris
– CATHERINE Klein, GUY·Ferrer, WANG Yan, ZHANG Leiart in Beijing
– LIU Gang Shun art works exhibition in Beijing
Exposition des oeuvres des peintres francais et chinois à l’occasion du 50e anniversaire du rétablissement des relations diplomatiques entre la Chine et la France
– Exposition des oeuvres de WU Jun à la Médiathèque de BUSSY SAINT GEORGES
– XU Zhe art works exhibition <1984> in Beijing
Xun Art Gallery at Beijing International Art Fair 2014
– “Trace” Li Daoliu art works exhibition in Beijing




Vernissage at Shijiazhuang Museum 5

– QI Yu’s exhibition in Luxembourg Maarnicher Festival
– Art works exhibition from Xun Art Gallery Beijing for Chinese new year
– LI Qing solo art works exhibition in Luxembourg
– Maarnicher Festival & LI Qing solo art works Chateau d’urspelt exhibition
– Qi Yu’s exhibition in Brussels
– Xun Art Gallery art collections exhibition in Luxembourg (Chateau d’Urspelt)
– Marc BAUFRERE art works exhibition in Beijing
– European artists art works exhibition at ShiJia Zhuang Museum
– ZOU Bin works exhibition in Beijing
– HUANG Zhiqiong art works exhibition in Beijing
– “Yes or no” and “decoration or not” WU Yiqiang’s art works exhibition in Beijing

Visite Crown Prince SH 040516

Visit of H.R.H. Crown Prince Guillaume du Luxembourg and H.R.H. Crown Princesse Stéphanie du Luxembourg to Shanghai.
Xun Art Gallery presented to their Excellencies the portrait, offered by the gallery, of the Grand Duke of Luxembourg made by the Chinese painter WU Jun.

TAKE OFF 22 scaled

– De Wei ZHAO’s exhibition in Beijing
– Exhibition at Shijiazhuang Museum
– WU Jun’s exhibition in Luxembourg
– Exhibition “Papier Decoupe” at European Parliament in Luxembourg
– Exhibition “Fascination chinoise” in Luxembourg
– Exhibition at Luxembourt Art Week TAKE OFF

IMG 1471

– CHEN Li art works exhibition in Xun Art Gallery Beijing
– GENG Shu art works exhibition in Xun Art Gallery Beijing
– HE Wei Ming art works exhibition Xun Art Gallery in Beijing

image6 1 scaled

QI Yu and LI Daoliu exhibition at European Parliament in Luxembourg
– LI Daolio solo’s exhibition “Washing” in Luxembourg


FENG Ling – Online exhibition (Jan. 1 – Feb. 28)
LIU Jun – Online exhibition (March 1 – April 30)
ZHANG Xubo – Online exhibition (May 1 – June 30)
CHEN Mei-Tsen – Online exhibition (July 2 – August 31)
PLICKAT Jörg – Online exhibition (September 19 – October 31)
– 50 Years – Luxembourg / China – Artworks of Chinese artists in Luxembourg – Mindforest One Lounge (October 27 – December 15)


– Beyond borders: Contemporary Chinese artworks – Diekirch (Luxembourg) Maison de la culture (January 12 – January 29)