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Everything follows nature



CHEN Yongjing - Wuhan Sports Center

As an artist, Chen Yongjin reflects his understanding of art through his works. The flow of thinking is integrated into the paintings of different periods. In these easily recognizable traces and details, some plots can be consciously laid out. Whether it is using the “log” recording method or the scenes created before, it can be seen that Chen Yongjin is constantly refining the experience and thus updating the knowledge structure. It can be read from the works of various periods that Chen Yongjin’s creation has always been in a state of constant renewal, always thinking about how to form different pictures and how to properly convey the emotions and stories he needs to express.




I have been trying to convey the possibility of Eastern consciousness in the way of Western painting



CHEN Yongjing, born in 1972 in Wuhan, Hubei, he graduated from the Education Department of Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 with a major in watercolor. He worked in the Hubei Academy of Fine Arts in 1994 as the director of the oil painting and watercolor creation room. In 2014, he worked in the Wuhan Academy of Fine Arts where he served as the dean. From 2020 until now, he has been working as the curator of the Wuhan Art Museum. He is also Member of Chinese Artists Association, China Member of Watercolor Art Committee of Artists Association, Vice Chairman of Wuhan Artists Association, Hubei Artists Association Member of the Watercolor Art Committee.
CHEN Yongjing - Border Town

CHEN Yongjin works show a kind of oldness and calmness that is not in line with his age. Chen Yongjin’s art is somewhere between abstract and concrete, or in other words, it is a surreal composition once again on the picture of a concrete scene. Chen Yongjin integrates his language exploration into the complete composition of landscape works, making it richer in images and complex meaning expressions. This type of landscape pictures have a particularly strong sense of space, with clear and sharp features. In Chen Yongjin’s series of works related to monuments, in the foreground of the concrete picture, there are dynamic colors and the explosion of dots and lines, thus completing the dephotographic and conflicting expression. The seemingly calm and neutral morphological depiction actually contains rich historical observation and reflection, which makes his landscape paintings surpass the visual aesthetic enjoyment in the general sense, and enter a state of reflection and perception of daily life. 



CHEN Yongjing - Stone

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