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It is important for Silvia that her pieces arouse emotions and offer the viewer new sensory



SIlvia BAUER - Cylindre
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For Silvia Bauer, the creation of objects and installations starts with material.

This versatile Austrian artist (1944), who graduated with a master degree in sculpture in
Brussels in 2005, breathes poetry and new life into items and materials left behind by our
consumerist society. Cardboard and tyre rubber – these everyday materials that come directly
from our consumer world – acquire sculptural value in her hands and are transformed into
new carriers of meaning. At her touch, the refined surface of corrugated cardboard becomes
astonishingly sensual, soft as velvet.

SIlvia BAUER - Algorithm 6 Tourbillon
Algorithm 6 Tourbillon - Industrial waste / ABS plastic- 65x35x35cm, (2020)

She has been working for years on the transformation of cardboard, combining it with
fragments of used tyres in the context of different themes: fusion, dialogue, conflict,
multiplication. Various other materials from our consumer society have also inspired the artist
in her creation of objects and installations: the stunning series ‘Algorithms’, born of plastic
waste from mass production; broken shards of porcelain refined in China; from the gloves of
workers, a totem in Luxembourg built to honour them; surplus invitation cards presented in
the form of a sculpture; crushed fragments of tyres turned into a poetic spiral. The intuition
of Silvia Bauer knows no bounds. She is constantly taking new paths, but always in harmony
with her chosen basic material.

It is important for Silvia that her pieces arouse emotions and offer the viewer new sensory
experiences. She develops her own visual language in her extraordinary sculptures and
installations, managing to open up new perceptual possibilities and to wrest from this banal
matter amazing power and sensuality.


2017 “Matière à mystère” Showroom Jo-a, Brussels, Belgium
2015 CRELAN gallery, Brussels, Belgium
2013 XIAMEN ART RESIDENCE CHINA (2 months: March & April 2013)
2013 Xunartgallery & Jimei University Academy of Arts, Xiamen – China
2013 Lievino St. Idesbald, Koksijde – Belgium
2011 SECOND LIFE – Galerie LIBRE COURS – Brussels
2011 ART & ENVIRONNEMENT ReForm, Brussels
2010 Galerie SAINT REMY, Liège – Belgium
2009 5th Rencontres Internationales d’Art Contemporain Seine-et-Marne,
2009 Abbey of Cercanceaux – France
2008 Art Gallery PRINSENHOEK, Limbricht – Holland
2008 Galerie LIBRE COURS, Brussels
2008 Galerie SAINT REMY, Liège – Belgium
2007 NEGENPUNTNEGEN Art Gallery, Roeselare – Belgium
2007 50 Years Treaty of Rome “Brussels Capital of Europe” representing Austria
2007 Maison du Peuple St. Gilles, Brussels
2006 ARTESPACE Art Gallery, Brussels
2004 ESPACE BLANCHE Art Gallery, Brussels
2004 SAAB Special Event, Waterloo – Belgium
2004 METAPHORE Art Gallery, Tilff – Belgium
2003 J & S Packaging Opening Event, Ghislenghien – Belgium
2003 Summer exhibit town house St. Marc sur Mer, Brittany – France
2002 AULAUDA Art Gallery, Céreste, Luberon – France
2000 IBA Head Quarters, Louvain La Neuve – Belgium


2020 ART TRUC-TROC & DESIGN 2020, BOZAR Brussels– Belgium
2019 CROSSINGS, 3rd Biennale Art walking in Mountados, Greece
2019 ART’IFICE, Ville de Montgeron, France
2019 TRAVELPOP Woluwe St. Pierre
2019 VOLTE-FACE Passerelle Louise, Brussels
2018 SUMMER SHOW, Martine Ehmer Gallery, Brussels
2018 ITINERART 2018 Anderlecht, Brussels
2017 7th Beijing International Art Biennale, Peking – China
2017 April group show T.A.P., Brussels, Belgium
2016 T.A.P. The Art Project, Brussels
2016 Art&Vin, Rhôde St. Genèse, Belgium
2016 ARS VARIA collectif photo, Galerie Passerelle Louise, Brussels
2015 WAA We Are Artists Second Edition Nov. 2015, Brussels
2015 OEuvres en carton, Espace SEGUR, Paris – France
2015 L’Art des Grands Violons, Marloie – Belgium
2015 10 years ARS VARIA, Museum City Hall Schaerbeek, Brussels
2015 Passerelle Louise, Opening exhibition of the gallery, Brussels
2014 Biennale « RAME & TRAME », Fondation FOLON, Brussels
2014 Expo DECADE, Gallery MARTINE EHMER, Brussels
2014 FEMMES D’EUROPE, Institut Balassi, Brussels
2014 ARS VARIA, Maison des Artistes Anderlecht, Brussels
2014 SONGZHUANG ART MUSEUM, Beijing – China
2014 Cercle du Lac, Louvain-la-Neuve – Belgium
2014 Expo AFFINITES, Museum Xiamen, China
2014 ARIANEH, Nodebais – Belgium
2014 PARCOURS D’ARTISTES, St.Gilles – Brussels
2013 Eastern Time Zone 1+8, JimeiJi Art District, Xiamen – China
2013 K-Droz cardboard competition exhibitions Nancy – France
2013 Parcours d’Artistes Rhôde St. Genèse chez Françoise Gautier
2012 EXTRA MUROS LIEGE, Libre Cours Gallery – Belgium
2012 Symposium SPD KOCNA, Suetschach – Austria
2012 UPCYCL’ART at Solarwind – Luxemburg
2011 Biennale d’Art Contemporain Wanze « Sensations » – Belgium
2011 Espace Wallonie Bruxelles « Rencontres » – Belgium
2011 Parcours d’Artistes Silly « Art et Environnement » – Belgium
2011 Symposium Ecoparc – Luxemburg
2010 WB Plein Vent…Maison Haute Watermael Boitsfort – Belgium
2010 B.art – Galerie Libre Cour, Brussels – Belgium
2010 AAF BRUXELLES, Tour & Taxis – Gallery ESPACE BLANCHE
2010 Centre Culturel de Huy, Belgium – “Opposition”
2010 MAISON & OBJET trade fair, Paris – PH collection
2009 ST-ART art fair Strasbourg, France – Gallery Libre cours, Brussels
2009 MAC 2009 Art Fair Paris, France – joint work with Olivier Gilet
2009 SLICK 09 Art Fair Paris, France – Gallery EspaceG, Strasbourg
2009 J.BASTIEN Art, Brussels – « Confrontations »
2009 ART&ADVICE, Tuinbeurs Hasselt
2009 TRUC-TROC, BOZAR – Brussels
2009 LAGALERIE.be, Bruxelles – « Oppositions »
2008 Contemporary Art Fair « ST-ART”, Strasbourg – France
2008 Guillaume & Caroline eurent un fils…..Gallery, Brussels
2008 TRUC TROC, BOZAR – Brussels
2006 SELECTION XXI, Sablon – Brussels
2006 COUPS DE COEUR du Parcours, Saint Gilles – Belgium
2006 Parcours d’Artistes de Saint Gilles 2006 – Belgium
2006 LA GALERIE.be, Brussels
2005 ARSLINEANDI, Art Gallery, Herstal – Belgium
2005 TALENT 2005, Tour & Taxis, Brussels
2005 Abbey of Forest, « Confrontation Sculpture and Painting » – Belgium
2005 Artists trail Uccle at Art Gallery EVANESCENSE – Belgium
2005 TECHNOLOGY MEETS ART, Namur – Belgium
2004 ARTYP Art Gallery, Brussels
2003 Summer exhibition, town house, Silly – Belgium
2003 “Artistes des villes et des campagnes”, Silly – Belgium
2002 ARTYP Art Gallery, Brussels
2002 Town House, Brugelette – Belgium
2001 LE BOCFIL Art Gallery, Brussels
2000 FACE TO FACE, Abbey of Forest, Brussels
2000 AXION ART, Dexia bank, Brussels
2000 Parcours de Femmes, Maison Mosaïque, Brussels


2014 “Prix du Public”, Biennale RAME & TRAME, Brussels
2013 Prize-winner International Cardboard Competition K-Droz
2013 Selected « Art of violins » Marche-en-Famenne
2006 First prize “Coups de Coeur” Parcours d’Artistes St. Gilles
2003 Honourable mention « Prix Général Ceuppens », Brussels
2002 Selected Prix des Arts Woluwe-St-Pierre
2002 Selected 6thBiennale « Rencontre de l’Art Bruxellois »
2001 Selected Biennale of Sculpture OASIS, Brussels
2000 First prize “City of Brussels”, sculpture

2020 Silvia Bauer in her workshop

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