FEATURED ARTIST March 6 – April 5, 2023 WANG Huanqing


Wang HuanQing

Truth is old

The place where humanism loses its poetic flavor is my beginning.


Last year, I wanted to write a small advertisement for myself, and I proposed the title above, which I thought was quite novel. But Dongli stared at me and said, isn’t this the phrase “There is nothing new under the sun”? I blinked my eyes and thought about it, yes.
A few years earlier than last year, I drew a batch of large paintings, and I invited Mr. Shang Yang to see them. He looked at it for a long time, and told me sadly: This…Huanqing, these, the paintings are really…not good.

A few days later, when my heart didn’t hurt so much, I erased the bad things, gathered up all my energy, and looked forward to the good ones coming again.When I started again, the situation didn’t change much, just like the restoration of the old system, those bad things were disguised and filled the canvas again.
Although my so-called creations are always oscillating between good and bad, the connotations of good and bad are also slowly changing. I tend to think that this is a valuable deepening. I’m the type that relies heavily on sensibility, and that thing can weaken at any moment. When the sensibility decreases, the experience ability will take over. Experience can ensure that I complete the work, but it does not know how to capture and confirm meaningful things. Weak sensibility and poor judgment, they are two sides of the same river.

In fact, everyone knows how to maintain good sensibility and judgment. How could we not understand, without broad vision and insight, without decent ideological resources, without real inner motivation, no matter how confused the sensibility is, the so-called creation is basically It is numb self-deception. It is true that there are self-deceptions to deceive the world, but it turns out that it is not a good solution.

To be honest, I tried my best. I regard creation as my personal spiritual life, and art is nothing more than self-reflection, which also keeps me in proper tension with the outside world. The disadvantages of this approach are obvious. Once you are not in tune with the times, it becomes self-exile.

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Exhibition of WANG Huanqing’s artworks in Diekirch (Luxembourg) – Maison de la culture – January 2023

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