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The carrier of the work is the canvas, not a “white” canvas, but a readymade product of what I call a “color” canvas. These quilt noodles are all collected from the folk, old, used dowry. Some of the surface will have fading, water stains, silk drawing, insect eyes and other phenomena. This is a trace of the original owner’s life and use, which does not belong to the flawed part in the creation of the work, but is an important component of the creation and content communication of the work. The difference between this series of works and traditional shelf painting is that the work itself is not completed by the author alone, in a period of creation and production, but when it is faced as a dowry, it quietly starts its creative cycle. When the original owner of the dowry owns and uses it, the time and events contained in it are infused into the meaning of the work. This kind of creative idea that combines time behavior with space painting as the form is the author’s academic exploration of the boundaries of painting. Under the thesis that “art is dead”, explore more possibilities on the edge of painting art and make the last move. As an old “new” category, readymade painting has some innate intrinsic properties, which are different from traditional painting, and are hereby explained.

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