Guy Ferrer portrait

« World traveler, Guy Ferrer draws from his many stays of work abroad the human matter which animates his work and inspires its spirit.

Impassioned by the spiritualities of the world, he offers to us with power his sensitive and poetic vision of the Man tighten by Time and facing his paradoxical destiny : the Man is, according to Ferrer, both of light and mud, and the way of his life is initiatory. »

Victoria Conti, SouthAfrica Press, 2009

Guy FERRER - CIBLE - 2016

Guy FERRER (1955) is French, of Catalan descent by his father and Italian descent by his mother. He has mainly worked in Paris, in Los Angeles and in several foreign countries in the context of creating temporary studios, New York, Caracas, Lima, Beijing or Johannesburg.
In 2012, the installation of his art studios in French Catalonia marked his return to the Mediterranean. His work, mainly dedicated to sculpture and painting, also explores writing and architecture. Its line of force and main concerns are spirituality and the place of Man facing Time.


Since the 1980s, Guy FERRER has developed an international career highlighted by exhibitions in numerous museums and galleries.
Several Departments and Agencies have honored the artist : a monumental bronze sculpture for the French embassy in Singapore or a large fresco painted for the French embassy in Bakou, (Azerbaijan). The O.E.C.D commissioned and permanently displays the large triptych titled “Liberté-Egalité-Fraternité”

Artistic partnerships have been developed with several companies, like such as Lefranc & Bourgeois, Champagne Jacquart, Château Haut-Canteloup (creating a label for this Medoc wine), several cover books illustrations (ed. Francophones, Mobydick and J.E. Flower), Champagne Nicolas Feuillatte (creation of label, paintings, greeting cards, posters, objects, etc.) and Le Bon Marché, 1st department store in Paris (creation of logo, bags, gift paper and permanent installation of the monumental bronze « La Pourvoyeuse » at the main entrance of the store).

« T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E »

” T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E ” is composed of nine bronze sculptures, each representing a letter of the word ” tolerance ” and suggests a religion, belief or spirituality.

Edited in six series, three are permanently installed on public sites, in Paris and Montpellier (France) and in Abu Dhabi (U.E.A.).

We are now continuing towards our goal and vision of installing T.O.L.E.R.A.N.C.E, pinpoints of light against the darkness of intolerance and terrorism that we are facing around the world.

At each installation it serves as a landmark, a focal point welcoming other artists, students and entire communities to join in spreading the message of Tolerance, Compassion and Brotherhood.



Guy FERRER - Tolerance - Monnaie de Paris - 2008
Guy FERRER - Tolerance - Monnaie de Paris - 2008
Guy FERRER - Tolerance - Governmental Palace - Abu Dhabi - 2008
Guy FERRER - Tolerance - Governmental Palace - Abu Dhabi - 2008

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