Fengling's portrait 2021

Wired and Free

In my opinion, artistic creation, in a sense, is an independent power that keeps renewing and expanding, which will stimulate the creativity and potential of human beings and thus change the world.




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Freedom Is The Soul Of Art


Graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Harbin Art University with a bachelor’s degree in 1990

Graduated from the Ninth Graduate Class of the Oil Painting Department of the Central Academy of Fine Arts in 1997

From 2010 to 2018, she lived and created in Los Angeles, USA, and participated in many art projects in art museums.

Currently working and living in Beijing and Los Angeles


Feng Ling - NO.4


2019 performance work “Tranquil Transformation 4X3m2~The classic tea” “participated in the Amelia Art Festival” SILK” group exhibition, Rome, Italy

2018 TORRANCE Museum of Contemporary Art, Feng Ling’s personal art project “4X3 M² TRANQUIL TRANSFORMATION”, Los Angeles, USA

2018 “Moving Things for the Stars” Feng Ling & Meng Qingxin Contemporary Art Duo Exhibition, Beijing Seven + Three International Art Space

2018 “SWORN SISTERS” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Suzaku Gallery, Sydney, Australia

2016 “WOMEN MANIFEST: AT THE CORE” International Women’s Art Group Exhibition, West Hollywood Library, Los Angeles, USA

2016 “Mass Attack” Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, San Diego Art Museum, USA

2015 “Degree” Solo Exhibition, Three New Space at Three Gallery, Beijing

2015 China-Italy Biennale “Elixir, Civilization Today, Turin, Northern Italy

2015 “WATER WORKS II” group exhibition, Liz’s Fine Art Gallery, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles, USA

2014 “1964-2014 50th Anniversary of the 50th Anniversary of the Establishment of Diplomatic Relations between France and China, 50 Chinese Contemporary Artists Invitational Exhibition” Charles de Gaulle Foundation, Paris, France

2014 “Memory” China-Italy Contemporary Art Biennale, Beijing 798 Art Factory

2014 “AURORA” group exhibition, GALLERY 825, Los Angeles, USA

2013 “Women. Change. World” Solo Exhibition at the Austrian Embassy in China, Beijing

2011 “Wandering” Solo Exhibition, Yue Art Museum, Beijing 798 Art Zone, Beijing

2011 “O2” Hong Kong Equestrian Club Contemporary Art Group Exhibition, Beijing

2009 “Biochemical-Between Virtuality and Reality-Animation Aesthetics Biennale”, Today Art Museum, Beijing

2009 “Implication of Unreality-Animation Aesthetics Biennale”, Shanghai Contemporary Art Museum

2008 Lausanne Olympic Museum “BEIJING 2008”, Switzerland

2001 “Knowledge is Power” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Xidan Book Building, Beijing

“Dialogue” Exhibition of Chinese and Italian Artists, Mantua Youth Museum, Italy


Feng Ling’s artworks

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