FEATURED ARTIST April 9 – May 14, 2023 WANG Aijun

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As an artist, you need some super-sensitive spirituality, as well as in-depth exploration, so that you can experience the extreme inspiration within the art and find a huge artistic richness. My paintings, whether it is the “Heaven and Earth” series or the “Mountain Float” series, are not reproductions of concrete objects or images that we have seen, but my personal experience and imagination, and my observation and observation of the world. The paintings I create, as an image, strive to find the meaning of blankness in the law of inability, colorlessness, and transformation of colors, and strive to break through the field of painting, exile objects, and achieve a natural state of ecstasy. In the creation of visual space and form exploration, an independent poetic artistic dwelling place is constructed.


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Exhibition of WANG Aijun’s artworks in Diekirch (Luxembourg) – Maison de la culture – January 2023

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