2020 Silvia Bauer in her workshop

One is dark, dense and heavy. The other is rather clear, airy and light. Both are structured and laminated to provide resistance and strength. The tire and cardboard marry, oppose, fight or dialogue in the abstract sculptures of Silvia Bauer. By superposition of layers, the artist has transformed flat cardboard into a new volume that can arise upwards in columns or stelae, she manages to obtain a surface as soft as velvet from a raw material apparently far from sensual. Like a valley exposing its geological layers, a visible sign of the stacking of years. Strata that remind us, by comparison, how small, fragile, finished we are…

Estelle Spoto
Wunderkammer 125 / 2015

…. Born in Vienna and living in Brussels, Silvia Bauer surprises by the audacity of the choice of her materials, by the ease with which she takes over with faith and determination. Happiness and simplicity of forms, rhythm of interpretations, Bauer gives tone to her choice of materials and digressions that, most certainly also, plunge us into the heart of her transient or long-term reflections….

Roger Pierre Turine
La Libre Belgique / Art Libre – 2009


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